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Jan 29, 2019
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Interlock Estimates


I'm new to this Forum and in Ottawa. I'm looking at getting interlock installed in the front of the house. The work entails a walkway, covering the current concrete step/stoop, a raised flower bed and a curb around an existing tree. So far, I've received two estimates with a difference of 3K between the two. I'm having a heck of a time getting a third estimate as companies are extremely busy. I'm wondering if the estimates are reasonable for the work to be done. The following are the details of the two estimates:

#1 - $9,011.75 (all inclusive) - 3 year warranty on work - Does not include the curb around tree
o Obtain locates for buried services;
o Excavate for interlock and planter areas 12" in depth where required;
o Supply and place geotextile cloth for soil-stone separation;
o Supply and install approximately 139 sq ft Melville 60 stone for front walkway. This includes adding a step and landing pad due to slope of walkway;
o Cover existing concrete step (1 step) and landing using Melville 60 and Brandon wall coping. Step is 13" deep x 78" wide and landing is 44" deep x 78" wide;
o Supply and install 1 flower bed wall using Brandon wall approximately 17 lf @ 21" in height;
o Supply and install snap edge restraint to perimeter of pavers;
o Sand and compact all pavers using polymer sand;
o Remove all excavation from site;
o Supply and place top soil in new flower bed wall and on perimeter of walkway.

#2 - $12,294.40 (all inclusive) - 2 year warranty on work - Includes the curb around tree
o Excavation of the areas for the proposed walkway and garden bed;
o Install geotextile fabric and gravel base material;
o Compaction of base material using a 600lb vibratory plate compactor;
o Fine grading of the final base for correct slope and drainage;
o Installation of a 6.5 ft wide walkway using Mondrian 60 modular slabs with a black border starting 8 ft from garage foundation with a single rise step after the garage side door and continuing to the existing front porch (approximately 140 sf). This contractor recommends one step only to deal with slope of walkway rather than step + landing the other guy is suggesting;
o Overlay of the existing porch/step with Permacon Mondrian system. Step is 13" deep x 78" wide and landing is 44" deep x 78" wide;
o Installation of a raised garden bed wall using Permacon Lafitt Wall and capping. The wall will start from the side of the existing porch and extend to the corner of the foundation. The wall is to be approximately 12" high and 5 ft wide and allowing for a 4 ft interior width;
o Installation of filter cloth along the inside of the wall and garden soil;
o Installation of a 6 ft x 6 ft square planting bed around the existing tree using Lafitt Curbing;
o Installation of polymeric jointing sand in all interlock to inhibit and shifting and weed growth;
o Installation of spike edge restraint along outside edges of the stonework;
o Repair sod 1 ft from any stone work with soil and seed.
o Excavation depth to meet ICPI requirements for either pedestrian (6-10") or vehicular traffic (12-24") and the site soil conditions;
o Installation of walls and walkway to meet ICPI and NCMA specifications.

Would appreciate advice. I want to ensure pricing is fair since I am unable to find a third company to give me another estimate. Thanks.
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Dec 25, 2006
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I can't really comment on the pricing per se, since the quality of materials used can greatly affect the pricing. I'm not sure if you contacted Sound Garden Landscape or not, but I can vouch for them. They do amazing work, and are great guys. Sorry I couldn't really answer your questions, but they are definitely worth a call if you haven't already.

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Mar 20, 2018
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I'm using the Permacon Melville 60 in Scadina Grey colour with a border in the Rockland black colour. It's a 700 square foot backyard patio install in a North GTA new build neighbourhood.

I signed up for 10K all in. The contractor will be digging down 8 to 12 inches to level the soil since my backyard is a slight mound shape. No special walls or coping or steps, etc.


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