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Sep 14, 2014
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Barrie, ON

Internet forum

I have to do this every year when the promos run out, and I thought there was one before, but I can't seem to find it.

Can we get a forum to match the cell phone deals discussion?

Searching internet brought up 8 hits, so I don't know what to do. Maybe it's an app issue?
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Jun 17, 2013
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Do you mean add a Hot Deals forum category for internet services? While we can't easily add new categories, we do have plans to expand the list to cover new categories that have become more popular since the category list was first created.

New customer internet deals can also be found in the Ongoing Deal Discussion forum.
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Sep 14, 2014
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Barrie, ON
Yes please to the hot deals! That's the one thing every member has in common here, so it would be super helpful to be able to subscribe to see what's out there. Thank you! :)
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Feb 17, 2007
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Mort Réal
Well, there's already a "telecom" section hot-deals-f9/?c=5125
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Jan 9, 2011
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The Cell Phones and Telecom Hot Deals sections could really use a cleanup. "Telecom" is such a 1997-sounding word...does anyone actually say that anymore? lol.

Cell Phones Hot Deals is mostly full of carrier plan discussion, more than discussions of actual phone hardware.

Getting rid of the Telecom Hot Deals category and adding these two would I think really clean things up:

Cell phones and accessories Hot Deals (for hardware)
Cellular carrier plans Hot Deals (for plans, including plans with bundled hardware)
Home phone, cable, and internet Hot Deals

I first suggested making a similar change to @TomRFD four years ago, he agreed that an improvement was needed but there were some obstacles. cell-phone-plan-hot-deals-cnare-they-ce ... #p28749336


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