Internet provider help please (Ontario)

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Jun 23, 2015
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Internet provider help please (Ontario)

Hey everyone hopefully I can ask for advice about this here so here goes.. I'm looking for advice on which provider to switch too considering there are student deals now available.

Current: There are usually five to seven people using the Internet at a given time and Usually we have 7-10 devices connected (phones, computers, tvs running Netflix, etc). Uploading is not a high priority, just need fast and stable connection.

I live specifically in Mississauga in a medium sized home. Currently suscribed to teksavvy 25/10 cable internet for $60 +tax. Recently, Everyday I experience drop connections that range from 5 mins to 30 mins multiple times a day.

History: Two years ago I tried switching to bell fiber Internet (25/10). After a long installation process technicians said my home was too far from the community node and that they're going to have to "pair bond" using a copper wires to my home. My internet I found was terrible (13 down and 1up) so I cancelled right after.

Recently bell reps have been coming to my door saying that they apparently stripped all the fiber cables and added new ones and now 50/10 is available in my area but I'm unsure whether switching to bell is the right choice given my experience.

I know teksavvy uses Rogers line but I've been experiencing disconnections everyday so would my experience with them be the same?

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you
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Actually TekSavvy offers both DSL (via Bhell) and cable (via Robbers) Internet service. So if Bhell says you can get 50/10 fiber then you should be able to get that from TekSavvy as well. Likewise if you're experiencing problems with cable, switching to TekSavvy cable won't make a difference.

Note that if you switch to 50/10 DSL you'll need a new modem and will have to pay a significant installation fee for the line. Call TekSavvy to confirm availability of 50/10 and the exact cost of switching.
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check out customer service, great prices, no contract.
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