Investing tips and advice needed

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Dec 17, 2010
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Investing tips and advice needed

Hey folks,

I just need some investing advice around RRSP, TFSA and Resp.

So I am in my thirties, married and have one kid and 2nd one on the way. I am the sole earner and would like to start investing with the intention of long term growth. I have setup TDDI TFSA AND RRSP for myself and my wife and I also have an RESP setup through TDDI. I also have questrade TFSA and RRSP for myself and my spouse.

I just need advice or tips and suggestions for the following plan:
1. I intend on doing TD eseries funds for RESP with my max contribution of $2500 a year to take advantage of CESG grant of $500. Is this a recommended approach or should I be looking at ETFs?
2. For my wife, I would like to setup some investment plan by either using her TFSA or her RRSP or maybe both. Are there any recommended all in one ETFs that I can start with and eventually keep adding a small contribution on a monthly basis to her account(s)?
3. I had td mutual funds and accumulated a decent amount until I realized I should have done DIY RRSP investment so what are some good ETFs to invest that money into. I already got the transfer completed from td regular RRSP mutual funds to TDDI RRSP. I have heard of Vgro, veqt, xeqt, Tec, vbal. What are some popular ETFs that you guys recommend that have a decent or high yield?

I am working with a small starting capital so any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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