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Jul 10, 2007
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iPhone 6s

Looking for advice for a deal on an iphone6s for my daughter.

Currently she is with Virgin on a BYOP plan at $30/MO. We can upgrade to a 6s on a plan at $42/mo (I get a discount) and pay 218.99 upfront for the phone. So over two years a total of $218.99 + $288 ($12 extra/mo x 24 mo) = $507
But then we are locked in for 2 years - I don't like contracts.

Or Koodo currently has $190 up front on tab medium ($360). My wife is currently with koodo so we could get the phone as an upgrade I think. Plus get it at WowMobile and get a $75 trade in, so potentially; $115 upfront + $360 tab = $475. But then we have to convince Koodo to unlock as soon as possible, and for free (or less than $32) to make it a cheaper option then Virgin - and for use on Virgin.
Bonus is no contract for my daughter.

Anyone know of any other deals for a 6s? Does Virgin always charge $25 for upgrades - even moving from BYOP to a plan? Anyone know if we wanted to cancel the virgin contract at any point, what would we pay to buy out the phone - is it pro-rated from the full value of say $775, or a lesser value since I paid $219 upfront?

THanks for any help or advice.