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iPhone - recomendation

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Dec 9, 2010
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iPhone - recomendation

Hello, I am with Zoomer $36 unlimited calling Canada/ 4 gb data and happy with the service, I do not want to switch to Android phone, and they offer no iPhones. So to stick with an iPhone I need to buy outright. I currently have a 6s wit 32gb that needs charging a couple times a day even though battery maximum capacity says it is at 87%, this is frustrating so would like to upgrade. Question is what do I go with? I had a 6 plus that I liked until the screen went on it, I then purchased the 6s second hand from a shop 2 summers ago for a good price. My current considerations are the second edition SE 64 gb direct from apple $599. Costco on line showing for $597.99 or should I go with XS 65gb $899.99. I am not worried about additional storage on phone as I use google photo to back up photos that seems to take up the most space. I am trying to understand is XS worth the extra $300.
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Jan 8, 2011
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It would depend on what your priorities are. XS has a bigger/better screen, dual camera, FaceID, and better water resistance. The SE has the newer processor and Touch ID (which I prefer, especially now with masks). To me, the difference isn't worth $300, since I'm mainly using my phone for calls/texting/web browsing. I have an XR, which is pretty similar to the SE (other than the older processor and it being much bigger) and it is more than adequate for my needs. Unless you think you'll make use of the better camera and screen, I'd go with the SE. It's a newer phone, so might last you a bit longer down the road if you don't get picky about those things!
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The only thing with the newest SE (2nd gen) is the battery capacity is really mediocre..

So you'll need to charge at least once a day if you work the iphone somewhat intensively...

Other than the mediocre battery, everything else on the newest SE is decent for the price point...

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