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IPVanish VPN yearly account $59.99usd with coupon code (23% off)

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  • Jun 26th, 2013 6:52 pm
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May 25, 2005
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[Always] IPVanish VPN yearly account $59.99usd with coupon code (23% off)

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It is not the cheapest VPN option. But I have found their service to be consistently fast and very good for streaming media.

The service is calledIPVanish
If you use coupon code 5999 at checkout you get this discounted price.
Expires: June 30

Works out to about $4.99/mo
I have done HD streams on some US and UK video services without troubles.


Their usual 12 month price is $77.99

Seems like they are always adding new servers and improving the client programs.
There are preconfigured clients for Windows, Mac, and Android.
They have supported manual setup configurations using the built in VPN functions for All of these operating systems if you do not want to install a client plus iphone, ipad, ubuntu, and DD-WRT routers.

They support PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols so if you prefer to set it up yourself or you have a router with VPN firmware you can route your entire network via their servers for devices like playstation, apple tv, etc
A router compatible with Tomato firmware or DD-WRT with OpenVPN support included will allow you to route your entire network.

Why would you use a VPN?
Top 3 reasons
Privacy, moving your data to a shared server where it's more difficult to identify the individual user
hide unencrypted data from an untrusted network like internet cafes and hotels. Protects your login on unencrypted websites, and servers. (pop on port 110, or imap on port 143 is usually unencrypted and everyone on the LAN can potentially steal your password)
Some use it to get around geolocation restrictions on services like Hulu, Netflix, or BBC iplayer.

Speed test on their Chicago server just now (I am in Edmonton):
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Aug 21, 2011
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[QUOTE]International Users

IPVanish and our computer systems are based in the United States, so your personal information will be processed by us in the United States, where data protection and privacy regulations may be different than in other parts of the world. When you create an online account with us from outside the United States, you agree to the terms of this Policy and our Terms of Service, and give your consent to the transfer to and processing of such information in the United States, which may not offer an equivalent level of data protection as that in the European Union, Canada or other countries.
Read the other points of http://www.ipvanish.com/privacy-policy.php and http://www.ipvanish.com/tos.php .... and see by yourself why you don't want to sign with them !
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May 25, 2005
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100% True.

But any VPN provider with a server in the USA will be under the same obligations when you are connecting to that endpoint if they acknowledge it in their TOS or not. So if you are trying to stream Hulu then you must be on a USA server and then you must be subject to the same privacy problems.

I'm mostly interested in the speed. The servers on the IPVanish service seem to be consistently fast.

Personally I'm happy I can get a nice stable high definition stream from the USA netflix or hulu with this service. Other VPN providers I tried took a lot of work to find a server that would maintain a stream and then a day later that server was a bit overloaded and you had to hunt through the list again to find another link that would work for that night.

To get real privacy and anonymity you would really need to chain together a bunch of VPN tunnels. Any single provider would not be able to defeat a government level surveillance where they can watch all the traffic going in and out and match up the traffic volume of unencrypted data with the volume of data through the encrypted tunnels to see which user is doing what.

You want to go all tinfoil hat on privacy you would go use some public wifi, Use a wifi dongle paid for in cash from a store without surveillance cameras and make sure it has a wireless chipset that lets you can change the MAC address in the driver. Then chain together a bunch of different VPNs. While browsing fire up a few programs that do some kind of constant and random traffic patterns to interfere with analysis of your tcp traffic flow so that your browsing doesn't easily correlate to the unencrypted traffic leaving the final VPN endpoint.