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Issue with Ryzen laptops with LP RAM?

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  • Jul 29th, 2020 3:17 pm
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Apr 4, 2004
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Issue with Ryzen laptops with LP RAM?

I've been in the market for a laptop and like a good RFDer, been looking at a Ryzen 4000 series with FHD and dedicated graphics card.
But I came across this YouTube video, and it's now thrown a huge wrench in my plans.

What are your thoughts?

I was actually going to get the Zenbook 14 for $999, but should I reconsider?
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Apr 17, 2003
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I didn't get through the entire video...

Did he:
1. Assumed that all other electronics (e.g. VRM), BIOS and thermal profile are equal?
2. Was there any mention of the RAM timings at runtime and the bandwidth differences between the 3 memory specs?

Overall, the video wasn't of sufficient technical detail to address what he was claiming.
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Feb 9, 2006
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What a clown.
This is why I can't take any of these "Influencers" seriously.

The Zenbook series is known to have terrible and inadequate cooling to handle the good on paper CPUs and Dedicated GPUs they put in them. it's a real shame because the Zenbooks were as close to getting a Macbook running windows since Sony Vaios stopped getting made.
But now Asus is sullying their name by basically sell Full metal Vivobooks as Zenbooks. It's not just limited to AMD either, Their Intel based line is the same. Either way Thermal Design are terrible on them, which is a shame because they look so good.

The Acer looks like it has a problem with the heatsink, it's lifting up, it would not surprise me at all if the chip is throttling down.

The fact that he's seeing CPU performance dropping is likely due to heat.

He didn't even go in to what the latency settings are.
LPDDR4 vs doesn't mean anything as you can have worse latency going from DDR4 3200 vs 4266 anyway. Again Clown shoes.