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Issue with Xbox One PC Adapter/Controller

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  • Feb 21st, 2017 11:54 pm
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Issue with Xbox One PC Adapter/Controller

So I've searched a few forums and Microsoft's trouble shooting, with no luck.

I have had 2 Xbox One Controllers connected to my PC with the adapter for Windows 10. They were first gen. I sold them, upgraded to a brand new one with Bluetooth etc, and a second gen (only added headphone jack) and I can connect, but once they go idle too long they lose connection and I need to restart my PC in order to get them synced again. This is annoying. I've tried uninstalling drivers, using different USB ports, different cables to extend the adapter to the front etc. Nothing. I turn on the controller, adapter lights up (solid) controller flashes twice, then goes solid then turns off. This happens on both of my new controllers. I got them connected and tried to update them in Xbox Accessories app, no luck after that.

Anyone have this issue?? I don't think it's the controller.. maybe the adapter? But the coincidence of just replacing the controllers??