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[ITPRO.TV] FREE Membership 10+ IT courses

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Apr 2, 2018
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FREE Membership 10+ IT courses

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Another best way of Upskilling during social distancing.

ITProTV Free membership also includes 10+ free IT courses, more than 65 hours of IT training.

Access these courses on demand:

1. CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (19+ hours)
2. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) - Windows 3. OS Fundamentals (98-349) (13+ hours)
4. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security Fundamentals (98-367) (10+ hours)
5. Building a PC (2+ hours)
6. PC Maintenance (2+ hours)
7. Customer Service Skills (10+ hours)
8. IC3 Computing Fundamentals (8+ hours)
9. IC3 Key Applications (5+ hours)
10. CyberPatriot - National Youth Cyber Education Program (11+ hours)

Getting Started with ITProTV
Plus these sample episodes: Docker, SQL, Virtual Private Cloud, Forensics, and more!

You also get:
Access to the ITProTV daily live stream
Access via Desktop, iOS app and Apple TV
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Apr 14, 2019
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Windows Requirements
This course is available with a premium or standard membership.

whoops, clicked the wrong course, click on free courses, they're all there,
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