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Japan - buying a camera from there?

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Nov 1, 2009
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Japan - buying a camera from there?

Hey guys.

Going to Japan soon. Since I will be there I was thinking of picking up a good camera. I am a camera noob and don't really know anything about cameras. I figured I should pickup a beginner/intermediate (mostly beginner) DSLR camera to play with.

My current 5 MPixel Olympus "consumer" camera is so damn slow it's only good at taking still scenes.

Any recommendations and should I pick it up from Japan? Are things cheaper there?
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Sep 7, 2007
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No real recommendations for what camera to get but I can tell you that electronics are not going to be cheaper in Japan and with the exchange rate and other factors it may actually be more expensive. You'll get the latest and greatest there but it's not known for bargains in electronics. There's not really a lot, camera wise, in Japan that isn't available elsewhere. If you want a deal on a beginner DSLR you're better off watching the forums for when deals pop up at FS/BB/etc.
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Feb 7, 2006
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yah electronics are expensive there

clothes is cheap... plan to buy tons of clothes
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Nov 19, 2006
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most posters are correct. when i went to japan, i had a friend to look into prices for electronics for me in japan. the price is similar, if not more, than what you can find here. the advantage of buying here is that you can wait for a sale (instead of a quick buy). you can, however, buy no name cheap electronics for a bargain there (i.e. batteries, sd cards, etc).
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Nov 1, 2009
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Ok thanks guys. I guess that somewhat makes me feel better. I'd rather buy something I don't know about at home. Just didn't want to pass up on a deal, if there was a deal. Guess there is no deal :) .
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Oct 7, 2007
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Many reasons not to buy camera (and electronics) from Japan:

1) No warranty - this one is obvious
2) Model might not be the same as the NA counterpart. Canon digital cameras for example have model names starting with IXUS instead of ELPH, and the model numbers are all different.
3) Documentation will be in Japanese only for a domestic Japanese product.
4) Japanese prices are notorious for being higher than most other places in the world due to higher standards of living.

The only reasons to get stuff from Japan really is to get models that will never come to NA (this is becoming less common nowadays), or the novelty items that would never be released here (non-marketable or just weird).
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