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Keurig Coffee - Diedrich K-Cups $40/96*GS Cappuccino $9.68/24*Tully's $11.51/24 +More

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  • Feb 6th, 2014 1:05 pm
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Apr 30, 2007
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Followed the other posters about Keurig 20% off plus ebates (first time using it) to get additional 10% off and also the free sample pack (had to google the link).

I also noticed afterwards that eBates has a $5 coupon with purchase of 2 boxes too. I didn't get a chance to try it, not sure if it would stack.
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Oct 7, 2009
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stephroll wrote: forget deal ( nice but depends on flavor ), how can we elect Don as mod ? Am getting tired of Hot deals un-moderated
rationalxde wrote: +1
I'm flattered, and tempted given the rise of bad posts along with the concurrent declining presence of the current mods, but unless someone else who's around a lot is willing to join up too, (Lookin at you Stephroll) I wouldn't jump in, way too much work... I did the job years ago at an eDonkey forum and it takes dedication and time to do it right.
wpooh888 wrote: Sorry forgot u had a couple of different sites, coffeecup.ca
Damn, that was going to my goto place for several brands.. hope they're back soon with the same prices.
sixer wrote: Best Decaf on Keurig in my opinion!
http://www.amazon.ca/Emerils-Jazzed-Por ... caf+k+cups
I'm not a decaf drinker, but Emeril's is good, I was one of those that snagged the case of 96 for $16 a while back.
Johnny Powel wrote: Don't forget the free sample from Keurig
[IMG]http://www.keurig.ca/content/Imad/image ... 150_EN.jpg[/IMG]
OK that may have just pushed me over the edge, there's a few flavors there worth buying, thanks.
saffant wrote: Wonder how keurig tastes compared to our breville espresso machine.
It doesn't, but it's not a fair comparison. My morning coffee is a double shot from my Breville DB extracted on top of 3-4oz of steamed 1% milk, and topped off with a Grove Square vanilla cappuccino.... hmmm now that I described it I have to go make another one... absolutely delicious and only about 100 calories.
Obviously not as good, but i'm curious how big of a difference is there. Sometimes frothing milk can be a pain; a keurig might come in handy if it's good coff

How does it compare to timmies? Really hate tim's double double.
It's un unfair comparison, but they work well together. Every morning I steam up 3-4 oz of 1% milk, extract a double shot over it from my Breville DB, and top it off with a Grove Square vanilla cappuccino form my Keurig, friggin delicious and only about 100 calories.
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