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Apr 30, 2009
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Kia Rondo 2016

Got remote starter installed which turned off radio. Two fuse boxes one below steering to left and one under hood both are fine. Also tried pin button to the right of radio to reset but radio doesn’t turn ON (it has no gpa but has backup camera). Recently spoke to someone who said he had same problem and took to dealer spent 6hr labour to get to fuse hidden behind dashboard. Probably less than $2 fuse but hassle to get to. Once replaced radio worked fine. He said Kia has safety mechanism to blow fuse if wiring being worked on or has accident to prevent fire (???). Can someone confirm if this is the case because I thought radio is shot and was trying to source radio from Montreal for past one year.
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Jun 19, 2009
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I sense the doubt you have in yourself, but you're absolutely right. The purpose of a fuse is to prevent too much current in a circuit i.e. fuse breaks the circuit current is too high. This protects the wiring and if something goes wrong otherwise you could end up with an electrical fire. It's general electronics knowledge and is not specific to Kia or cars.

If you've ever looked up head unit replacements and their instructions with photos/videos then you'll know its just a bunch of connectors with no additional fuses. Your manual also lists the fuse box locations which you've identified. The manual also shows you the diagram of which fuse controls what and there should be one for audio/radio. I have a feeling the someone you spoke with just had one of these fuses replaced and was hosed by the stealership.
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