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Kill Grass Underneath New Top Soil

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Jan 8, 2006
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Kill Grass Underneath New Top Soil

We paid for some landscaping done recently: it was a clean up of our dead bushes, dig up all the sod/grass in our flowerbeds and a particular corner, and then add new top soil.

As we were doing some yard work today, I noticed that there was still sod underneath all the new top soil that the landscaper put on top. We really don't want the grass to start appearing in our flower beds.

Now we're wondering if the sod was ever dug out in the first place. How do we go about ensuring that the grass doesn't start growing through the top soil? Do we have to redo everything? Will the sod eventually suffocate from the top soil? Can I pour Round Up everywhere (haha)?
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Dec 24, 2006
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The top soil will not kill the grass, it will feed it. Your only option is to Roundup it all as your mentioned.


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