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Kim Hoang Jewellery & Watch Company ( need help on this )"claiming Authorize Bulova

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Sep 30, 2006
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Kim Hoang Jewellery & Watch Company ( need help on this )"claiming Authorize Bulova

store location:

* Telephone: +1 416 922 9380


* Street Address:
324 College St
Toronto, ON, M5T 1S3


I went to this store a few weeks ago looking for a watch for my wife and I. i saw Bulova - Accutron watches that were on sale for 300 - 600$ which got my interest. When i was looking around the store their "high end watches (accutron)" where pile in a brown box without even their original cases. I ask the owner if they were an authorize reseller of bulova and was told yes. I stayed for a few more minutes and ask the a lady who works there and ask her why their watches were just piled in a box without their cases and was told they are a wholesaler, hmmmmmmmm kinna fishy to be told 2 different thing. Was also told that they get the watches like that. My concern about this store if they are really an authorize reseller? If not isnt illegal to claim they are? what is worst they are selling replica watches and passing it as a real in a register jewelery store ?
Does anyone have any experience with this store? any way to find if they are really an authorize reseller? I tried going to to bulova website but it cant find any authorize reseller in canada at all which concludes me that their website is not up to date. IF anyone can help me here that would be really great since my anniversary is coming up and need a decent gift.
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warranty is pretty important for a lot of watches. check an authorized store, and take pics (mental or physical) and compare when u get back. ask for additional discounts since u don't have original box and warranty card.. but that may be why they are selling at half price of msrp. i bought a used 97f45 bulova for cheap, but a brand new one is still 50% off retail. i would find more stores and compare, you may get all you want from another store at the same price.


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