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Kitchenaid vs. Maytag vs. Whirlpool.

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  • Oct 15th, 2013 12:05 pm
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Dec 29, 2008
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Appliances are not built like the old days, cheaper quality and less R&D so they won't last as long as we want (I still have a 30+ year Viking fridge in the Garage). In the end everything comes down to aesthetics, price and features of course reliability is a key, but with so many manufactures, brands and models its really had to tell what is reliable and what is not. My sisters house has a Kitchen Aid fridge and Whirlpool DW (Silver), Stove is Whirlpool Gold and its been 4 years and no major problem ohh and Maytag Washer/Dryer (fingers crossed). When I was helping her choose we chose based on features/price and not brand which is why she ended up with mixed brands.

When she first got the dishwasher and the Maytag W/D she hated them saying they didn't clean very well, after looking at the way she was using the appliances I asked her to change some of her habits since these appliances are "smarter" and use less water. After changing her habits everything started to work as expected and she has no issues now. The point i'm trying to make is as you said few people review the appliance saying its great but others review it and say its horrible, sure they may have gotten a lemon but most likely the issue is with the user and not the appliance as was the case with my sister. These are house hold mom's we are talking about and sure some maybe tech savvy, but majority want something that is simple to use and works, but with new appliances there is a lot more "tech" then in older appliances which truly changes things.

The installation/delivery of the appliance matters, moved into my new house 8 months ago and already had 2 service calls on my Samsung fridge and LG dishwasher, for the fridge one of the doors was getting stuck and you had to open and close it a few times so it would close properly. Service guy came and did absolutely nothing to fix the problem (I sadly wasn't home or he would have gotten an ear full), long story short I took it upon myself to fix the problem (actually just fixed it today) because I knew what was causing it. I can't blame Samsung for the issue because the delivery guys had to take all the doors out to get in the house and I think that why the issue occurred however I will blame the service guy for his incompetence. As for the dishwasher it was the fault of the installers, they used a cheap drain hose that kinked and collapsed due to the height of the air gab loop or whatever. Still have to get that fixed, LG came to look at it but since the dishwasher is fine and was the fault of the installer. As you can see other factors may result in a bad review of the appliance that may not be the fault of the manufacture themselves.

Sure higher the band the higher the quality one expects but is it truly the case in this day and age? with cheap plastic replacing metal and companies pushing out the same product with slightly different features year after year. That and quality control, employees just don't care today as was the case with my installers and service guy and who knows what happens during assembly.

I believe everything is reliably if used correctly, sure there are cheap appliances which I do not recommend but I don't think higher end truly means "better reliability" maybe better quality parts are used but not by much IMO. You just have to find the diamond in a pile of coal
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Jun 13, 2010
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I have all whirlpool appliances. Today, I had the pump on my 3 years old whirlpool duet washer replaced. It cost about $250 to replace it. We do laundry everyday because my sister needs fresh sheets for work. I don't know if that had to do with it? I'm surprised it crapped out this early.
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Oct 22, 2007
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Thanks for your review, it's sounds as though you didn't get an lemons and it worked out well. I believe we're going to get everything in Kitchenaid except for the microwave which will be Panasonic and we're not debating on getting the 36" Bluestar range sold throught Costco. Albiet it's not dual fuel, it's all ng.


Thanks for the run down. Yes I agree the operator has a lot to do with a products performance as well as reliability. Having gone through many reviews, it seems they're no different than other manufactures.


Sorry to hear about your repair bill, that must have hurt, I'm now wondering whether extended warranty is a consideration, although I've never believed in them.
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Dec 29, 2008
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Casper wrote: We put in Maytag across the board when we reno'd our kitchen 12 years ago.
Flat-top stove/oven - no major complaints, except one burner heats VERY slowly
Range hood - no problems.
Microwave - no problems
Bottom mount fridge/freezer - no problems
Dishwasher - has NEVER cleaned dishes well. We don't bother putting anything in the top rack anymore...everything has baked on debris when "done". Extra clean cycle, 2x rinse doesn't matter. Complained numerous times to maytag...not even a response. Clean the jets several times/year, no difference. Enough of a problem that I'll never buy another Maytag..anything.
no to derail the thread, but have you tried different detergent? and liquid vs dry vs tablets?
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Jun 12, 2009
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jm1 wrote: I have a Kitchenaid French door fridge (bottom freezer) and a Kenmore-branded dishwasher (rebrand of a Whirlpool Gold dishwasher). Both about 2-3 years old. Fridge has been okay, but slight issue of uneven temperatures in the fridge (back is colder than the front of the fridge compartment), but that's not that unusual. Freezer's drain plug became frozen after about a year, but that is also not unusual for bottom freezers of any make. Easy for a DIYer to fix. MSRP for the fridge was about $2,200 if you want to compare the price point vs. quality.
Thanks for the tip. Is there a generic tutorial on how to do this for Kitchenaid fridges; mine is about 5yrs old, bottom-freezer, double door.