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[kmstools] Marples 10” blades $25/30

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  • May 31st, 2020 9:20 am
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Apr 30, 2009
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Marples 10” blades $25/30

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Another 10” table saw blade thread, this time mostly for my friends in Western Canada, cause shipping makes this less attractive (e.g. $16 shipping for 1 or 2 blades to Ontario, maybe be worthwhile if you buy more).

Marples are great blades and made in a brand new factory in Italy. Reviews have been very positive.

The 24T is really for ripping. $24.95
The 40T is general purpose for ripping or crosscutting. $29.95

If you only buy one, get the 40T.

Both are ATB (alternate top bevel) grind with a 15 degree hook angle.

I would *not* use these in a miter saw due to the 15 degree hook angle. You can, but it is not recommended as the hook angle can pull the saw into the material.

If you have a Lowes within 25km of a KMS Tools store, you can PM and save another 10%.
I was denied as my GTA Lowes is too far away.