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Nov 26, 2021
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[Koodo] [Black Friday] $55/20GB $50/15GB No Tab YMMV

I signed into my Koodo account today and saw a new promotion offer for $55/20GB for BC under Self Serve. It was not there yesterday. I do not believe it needs a tab. But YMMV I have 2 lines and the deal only shows up under one of the numbers.

I had the pubic mobile migration offer which was $40/8GB then $15/10GB = $55/18GB which was good but this offer beats it.

I did not get this plan but saw it after I change to a slightly cheaper plan $50/15GB which meets my needs better. I had to call in to get $50/15GB.

It does say 4G LTE speeds (all new plans) so I probably gave up my future 5G speeds in changing to it from my original plan, but there are always deals.

Edit: Forgot to mention you can get $10 off for 24month if you get a new phone. This makes new phones more worthwhile than the $1 preowned deals they have because those do not qualify for the $10 credit. I got the Samsung S20 FE for 'free'. The $55/20GB is comparable to the Telus EPP offer for $50/20GB BYOD, you pay $5 more for 20GB data but can get a phone with $10 credit making it $45/20GB. I believe you need to call in to get the $10 credit for the phone.
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