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[Kraft] Free Kraft Hazelnut Spread

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[Kraft] Free Kraft Hazelnut Spread

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Fill out a two-question survey, suggest a new name for Kraft Hazelnut Spread and you'll get a free jar.

https://kraftishazelnuts.ca/ (use a mobile browser if you can - the survey didn't work properly when I tried with Chrome/Firefox on Windows, but was fine on iOS)
You can’t beat the taste of our Hazelnut Spread. But maybe you can beat the name. Write us a tastier name than Kraft Hazelnut Spread. Get a free jar of our tasty spread. Just answer the questions, enter your info, and the best name you can think of.
I think they'll send you a jar with whatever name you suggested on the label based on the final stage of the survey, but I couldn't find a specific page with more details, so there's no other info about how many are available, what size the jar is, how long they'll take to ship, etc.
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800 entries reached.

No more allowed.
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Well, that happened fast. We’re all out of jars. Thank you everyone for the names. Enjoy your Hazelnut spread whatever way you like to enjoy your Hazelnut spread.