Lakehead University - Transferring

Mar 17, 2011
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Lakehead University - Transferring

I took Instrumentation Engineering Automation and Control Technologist (3 year program) at St. Lawrence College and I'm thinking of transferring into Lakehead's Electrical Engineering Degree program.

I understand I need an overall average of 70% in my last year but is there any other qualifications I must meet?

From the site it sounds like I only need a diploma and an average grade over 70%

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Jun 20, 2010
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I just checked the Lakehead engineering site. It says that the minimum qualification (as you said) is an average of 70% or greater in the final year of an engineering technology program. If you meet this requirement, you're eligible to apply to a 'post-diploma' degree program which is two years of school plus transition courses (not sure what those are). There aren't any other qualifications listed.

In your case, I would email them to make sure you are qualified for the program and to check that there aren't any other hidden requirements needed (e.g. most engineering programs require certain high school credits). Perhaps the 'transition courses' take care of those high school prereqs or something. If I were you I would clarify any nebulous points such as those transition courses and make sure there aren't any additional requirements. Be specific with your situation when you email them.
Sep 6, 2009
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as long as you get a 70% average, you'll be fine. The transition courses include four classes which include 2 mathematical courses, (calc. & advanced something (leplace? i think)), and two others. I'm not sure what electrical students are required to take.
Jan 31, 2010
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I've been working for a building automation company for the last 3 years(graduated from Algonquin College with a 2 year electrical tech diploma).

Must say that I dont enjoy this industry as a technician/project co-ordinator in operations very much. I run several jobs at one time and perform alot of the field wiring/installation myself. My company doesn't hire electricians very often so i'm usually stuck doing most of the grunt work. Enjoyable aspects of my job would be the networking, co-ordinating, database work, travelling, occasionally programming, my freedom, and other office duties.

Not saying you will dislike this industry either, but if I were you, I would definitely go for your engineering. The farthest you can really go in the industry with just a tech diploma is possibly a project manager. Even then your job just becomes alot more stressful and the pay scale doesnt compensate for it unless your working for siemens/johnson/honeywell. I actually have an offer to work for Honeywell sitting on the table right now.

Only reason why i'm not going back to do my 3rd year(technologist) and continue onto Lakehead, is because i'm applying to go to university for a degree in commerce lol.

If you have any questions, just ask!
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Mar 6, 2015
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I stumbled on a discussion thread online, just do not know about its accuracy of the contents..
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Nov 22, 2017
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cybercavalier wrote: I stumbled on a discussion thread online, just do not know about its accuracy of the contents..
Hmm lots of trolls in that thread imo. Lakehead is a great program and i have heard excellent things about it (not affiliated with the school, but i am an engineer with experience in the field). My own perception of the school is that a lot of its graduates are alot more practical and more mature compared to other engineering schools, obviously due to the transfer program in place.


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