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Laptop for school age child

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Oct 20, 2011
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Laptop for school age child

Hi, I'm not too savvy when it comes to computers. Hoping to get some advice on what specs I should be looking for - this is for my child who is in grade 3 and doing virtual learning. My child has very poor vision, so my 13.5inch surface pro 3 isn't ideal. I'm looking to get something bigger, preferably a 17inch.

What specs should I be looking for? I'd like to keep the price under $1,000, but from my searches online, I'm not sure if that is possible.
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Aug 27, 2003
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Here's an alternative solution for what you're thinking, assuming you have the table space for this. Rather than spend your whole budget on a 17" laptop (which is still not great for screen size and ergonomics), consider getting a small Chromebook (with HDMI out or USB-C to HDMI adapter for video) and a larger, external monitor (say 21" - 24"). For the keyboard, mouse, webcam, and speakers you can either buy separate devices or use the ones already built into the Chromebook.

This is the way I have it setup for my kid because I didn't want them hunched over a laptop screen for 5 hrs of the day.

I think I spent max $600 + tax for everything I mentioned minus the monitor. You can spend even less than that if you're not picky about the peripheral devices.
A 24" FHD monitor will probably cost about $200 + tax.
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Mar 25, 2003
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buy a monitor and hook your Surface pro 3 to it

24 Inch monitor $149.99 ... umqr1aab01

plus get this cable ... ft4-white/

+ USB keyboard and Mouse
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Chromebook is likely fine for everything you need (as virtual learning will all likely be web-based applications). I would recommend windows though if possible (just for extra things he can do, like download application and such, but if purely for school, likely won't be using any of it).
I'm sure there are some other limitations to chromebooks... Don't have one, so don't know.

But I agree with everyone else get an external monitor to attach to it with a keyboard and mouse, if the screen is the problem. However you will likely need a webcam too, if you want his face to be more centered when sharing.

Things you can teach him/her or can learn him/herself is to program a macro to mute/unmute him/herself.
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Jun 4, 2013
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if he have poor version laptop isn't advice. I have poor version and even a 17inch laptop doesn't work. Spend a few hundred dollars on a desktop. Make sure it have a SSD and get a 27 inch moitior. you should still have some money left over. A desktop setup is going to last him years and years vs a surface pro or chrome book.