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[Once] [LAST DAY] Sunnybrook Hosp - "Glitter of Hope" (ends 10/May/2012, QC?, FB, GTA best)

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  • May 2nd, 2012 10:07 am
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[LAST DAY] Sunnybrook Hosp - "Glitter of Hope" (ends 10/May/2012, QC?, FB, GTA best)

"Glitter of Hope Lottery Sweepstakes"

  • First prize: $500 gift card to jeweller of your choice (note: The winner of the $500 will be able to choose which jeweler they would like to receive the gift certificate from with the following limitations: must have a physical store located in the Greater Toronto Area and must have a gift card program that does not have a transaction fee associated with the purchase of the gift card)
  • Second prize: 5 tickets to the Glitter of Hope Lottery ($100 value)
  • Third prize: 1 ticket to the Glitter of Hope Lottery ($25 value)
ARV: see above

Rules: http://sunnybrook.ca/foundation/glitter ... _Rules.pdf

Enter: https://www.facebook.com/SunnybrookHSC/ ... 5102528120

Search: sunnybrook, sunnybrookHSC

Good luck!



Note: I'm not actively monitoring this thread. If you have a question regarding the contest, or encounter a problem and would like me to look into it, please PM me about it. Thanks.
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Thank you!
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