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Lawn Mower

Hey everyone,

Our family is looking to purchase a new lawn mower this season. We have a $400 budget, and we're leaning towards a brushless lawn mower (unless you can convince me otherwise). Does anyone have any suggestions at the moment? Or perhaps any tips to consider? There were a couple new ones that came out from Canadian Tire, but I'm not entirely sure about Yardworks/Mastercraft brand:

https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/yard ... p.html#srp
https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/mast ... p.html#srp

We're also looking at this one if we were to go brushed motor:
https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/gree ... p.html#srp

Any thoughts?
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Mar 22, 2017
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No one can recommend without knowing your circumstances. Do you have a big lawn or a small one? Do you have really dense grass or a normal to thin lawn? Are you keen on the 'best' lawn, or are you okay with an okay cut? What frequency are you comfortable moving at? Are you looking for a 'buy it for life' mower, or one that'll last you several years then need replacing or significant investment?

Battery mowers are not as strong as gas mowers, and the batteries have a limited range. If you have say an acre lawn, then a battery mower may not be a great idea. If you have really thick, quality turf, and you mow it infrequently so often have to really push it through a lot of blades, then battery can be an issue as it may not have the power to keep up forever. Note that batteries do have a life expectancy that's lower than the mower, so you'll see capacity drop after a few years. New batteries can be kind of expensive. Bring the batteries inside when you aren't using them, as freezing in winter and baking in summer can beat them up.

Battery mowers do best with small to mid-sized lawns that are cut regularly, and typically cut when the grass is fairly dry. If you get a battery one, ideally don't get a 40V one or you may experience power issues - 56V Ego is a very nice mower (but expensive), or you could look into 80V or 120V options by 'house brands' that might be within your price range.

Gas mowers work best for large lawns and lawns that are really lush but cut irregularly. They work fine for small and mid-sized lawns too of course, but maybe for that use case you'd prefer a quieter and low-maintenance electric option.