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Learn from my mistake when buying a sofa

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Learn from my mistake when buying a sofa

So I had purchased a sofa from a higher end furniture store. Took months to build. Anyways, the model in the store was very comfortable but the sofa that was delivered was different. It’s leather so leather sofas take a bit of time to wear in.

Anyways I finally realized what was different. The foam used is too soft. As a result you sink in the sofa and the back support is too soft., which has stretched the leather quite a bit. It’s under warranty so I’ll have to talk to the store but my mistake is forgetting to ask about the foam density which is very important. I was too busy worrying about what leather to pick. Lesson learned.

Don’t be a dummy like me. I paid a lot of money for it too. Good construction and the leather is nice and soft....it’s just the cushioning that is the problem
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We have a local family business that custom builds from scratch leather furniture, and even supplies some high end shops.
We customer order a large sofa set for our Home Theatre room, and while it took 5 months to get it, it's been well worth it. They told us any time we need the padding adjusted, to just bring in the cushions and they will, so you might want to check with your company.
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Could you msg me the contact info for the family biz


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