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Besides the "official" Ontario one, I wanted to include some additional T&C's. Was hoping people would post them here. Anything else to include? eg. mowing the grass
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Month-to-month tenancy (or x month tenancy)

THIS AGREEMENT made on <date>
BETWEEN: <name> (Landlord”), <name> (“Tenant”).

(1) Premises
The Landlord leases to the Tenant the residential premises described as < description > and (hereinafter referred to as the "premises") for use and occupation as residential premises only, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and of the Residential Tenancies Act of <province>.
(2) Terms
Unless earlier terminated in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement or with the expressed written consent of the Landlord, this Agreement shall be for <period dates>.
(3) Rent
The Tenant shall pay monthly a rent of <amount> on the first day of each corresponding month.
(4) Utilities
The rental rate prescribed above <includes or does not include> internet and utilities; the costs of providing natural gas, water, sewer, and electricity services to the premises.
(5) Appliances and Common Areas
The Landlord agrees that throughout the term of this Agreement, the Landlord will supply for the Tenant's use of <appliances>. The Tenant also shall have access and use of the common living areas.
(6) Care of Premises
The Landlord agrees that the premises supplied to the Tenant by the Landlord at the commencement of the term of this Agreement shall be in a reasonably good state of repair and reasonably clean and that insofar as the Landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the premises pursuant to this Agreement, they will be maintained in a reasonably good state of repair. The Landlord also agrees that any items supplied by the Landlord pursuant to Clause 5 of this Agreement shall be in good working order and capable of enjoyment by the Tenant and shall be maintained by the Landlord in a reasonably good state of repair throughout the term of this Agreement.
(7) Security
The Tenant agrees to pay to the Landlord a damage deposit of <amount> by <date>. The Landlord may deduct from the security deposit any amount that the Landlord deems necessary to provide for:
. (i) repairing any damage to the premises (including the common areas, building of which the premises form a part, and the property on which the building is located), fixtures, furniture, appliances and any other items leased pursuant to this Agreement, which damage may have been caused by the Tenant or any person or persons invited on the premises by the Tenant, normal wear and tear excepted.
. (ii) payment of rent owing to the Landlord by the Tenant and any amounts due to the Landlord as the result of a default of the Tenant under this Agreement. 

If any deductions are made, the Landlord shall provide the Tenant with a written itemized statement of expenses and receipts for associated cleaning/repair costs for which deductions were made from the deposit.
Otherwise, the damage deposit shall be returned within 10 days after occupancy end.
The Tenant agrees to take good care of the premises and keep them in reasonably clean condition, to take good care of any items supplied to the Tenant by the Landlord pursuant to Clause 5 of this Agreement.
The Tenant agrees to immediately report to the Landlord any and all damage that may occur to the premises.
(8) Waiver
The Tenant hereby waives and releases the Landlord from any liability for damage or loss to and any persons or property which occurs in connection with the premises, the building and its facilities, grounds or parking lot. The Landlord shall not be responsible for any loss of the Tenant’s property in the premises or stored in the building.
(9) Abandonment
Should the Tenant fail to take possession of the premises at the commencement of the term of this Agreement, or abandon the premises before the expiration of this Agreement, the Landlord may take possession without notice or demand and re-let the premises on such conditions as the Landlord may deem advisable.
(10) Other Rules
<other rules>
<pets? no pets?>
<smoking? no smoking?>
<quiet times in condo building?>
(11) Conflicts
The tenancy created by this Residential Tenancy Agreement is governed by the Residential Tenancies Act and if there is a conflict between this Residential Tenancy Agreement and the Act, the Act prevails.

__________________________________________________ Signature of Landlord
__________________________________________________ Signature of Tenant
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Don't know where you got this from but clauses 7, 8 and 9 are unenforceable and 10 also depending on what it actually says


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