Is This Lease Transfer/Buyout Legit?

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Apr 18, 2008
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Is This Lease Transfer/Buyout Legit?

I listed my leased car for sale online. Someone contacted me and came to see my car. She said she will buy my car outright. She seems a little over enthusiastic. I saw her email signature that she works for a dealership. The dealership is Vancouver Auto Liquidation Center. I asked her if she is a dealer and she said she does work in a dealership but she is looking for a car for her personal use. She said she will arrange the money and close the deal tomorrow. I asked if we need to schedule an appointment at Mercedes Benz dealership to do the transfer. She said she could do it through the dealership that she works for. Have you heard of something like this? Is this a scam? I have a weird feeling about this. But Mercedes Benz Financial Service did say that they cannot do the transfer, and I will need to do it at my local Mercedes Benz dealership since they have the license to do the transfer. So it might make sense that the lady's dealership has the license to do the transfer, but I feel like this is unconventional and not what I expect. What do you suggest? Should I go through with the deal? Is this a well-known scam?
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Feb 25, 2015
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Auto liquidation center can do the lease transfer paperwork? This fails the smell test and the fact she wants to rush it.

If she's serious she will transfer through your Benz dealer.
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Jul 30, 2007
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I urged OP to do the paperwork at any mb dealer
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Mar 2, 2012
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My friend got out of her Benz C300 lease by trading it in for a brand Honda Accord. The dealership took care of everything in regards to her lease, she just had to sign on the line however this is a reputable and legit dealership.
If that lady and you go to the Benz dealership she wouldn't be able just to pay out your outstanding balance and take the car.
I think she would have to take over your lease first and there is a cost associated with it. I believe it is around 4-500$ but for Benz could be even higher. Potentially, this is one of the reasons why would she ask you to do it through her dealership.
Second reason, she may want to scam you somehow.
I would ask her why she doesn't want to go the Benz dealership? Explain that you are not comfortable with this arrangement and if this is because of the cost associated with the transfer, offer to pay for half or even for the whole thing.

This is why I never sold any of my cars privately too much headache, drama and frustration.
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Jul 30, 2007
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the buyer who runs a liquidation used car center will take your car and not repay mb (for the buyout) until it is sold as that's the time they will register the transfer of ownership from you to the new final buyer. The liquidation car dealer pays nothing out of their pocket and flip it over for a profit. Meanwhile, MB is still expecting you to fulfill your lease obligation while you don't even have the car in your possession.


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