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LED bulbs buzzing with Dimmer switch install

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  • Apr 21st, 2017 12:51 pm
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Oct 24, 2008
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LED bulbs buzzing with Dimmer switch install

Hi everyone,

Several months ago I purchased a bunch of Philips "Slim" LED bulbs for the main floor of our house. These bulbs say dimmable on the package, which was good as I was eventually planning on installing a dimmer switch.

I purchased a Leveton dimmer switch which advertises on the package that its compatible with dimmable LED bulbs. However when I hooked the switch up, my LEDs now loudly buzz, even at full brightness.

What would the issue be? Could the switch be defective? Could the bulbs and the switch not be compatible? I'd be okay with replacing the bulbs since they are so cheap now, I just really want to be able to have quiet dimmable LEDs..
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Aug 29, 2006
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Yeah, the bulbs and the switch not be compatible... LEDs are fuzzy with dimmers, haven't found a solution myself yet, tried both dimmers from Leveton and one at Costco with multiple brand of LED dimmables, still buzz. :facepalm:
The Devil made me buy it - RFD. :twisted:
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Sep 12, 2007
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This may or may not help, was visiting fam during easter in Ontario, and they have coupons of $8 off on LED bulbs (not sure if you need regular of GU10, etc, for me it's the latter). I picked them up a box of 6 for $2 each after the instant rebate coupons available in the store.
There were also regular A8 (is it?) bulbs I think..

So all this to say, that the bulb manufacturer often recommends dimmers for specific bulbs, in this case the BAZZ bulbs chart is here: http://www.bazz.ca/en/led-dimmer-list/

So you may be able to find something similar for the bulbs you bought. Bazz was also very responsive on the emails I sent them in this regards, I used dimmers that are recommended and there is no buzz from the Bazz (heh)