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Leetcode Students $99 ($60 off reg) annual sub (ymmv with alumni emails)

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  • Sep 18th, 2020 1:35 pm
May 15, 2008
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Leetcode Students $99 ($60 off reg) annual sub (ymmv with alumni emails)

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September 28, 2020
For the people looking to crack coding interviews and for general practice to brush up your algorithm skills, leetcode is offering usd$60 off of their usd$160 annual subscription

The catch is that your school will need to have at least 50 accounts subscribed (which is not hard) in order to activate the discount or else it gets refunded after Sept 28

Already graduated but joined with my uoft email. Not sure with other schools. Leave a comment if your alumni email works

Fine prints and FAQs

* If you are currently a premium user and you decide to register for the student discount, a new membership will start with a charge of $99 upon registration. Your previous membership will be voided and you will not be refunded for that membership. If you purchase another premium after the one from this event, your premium will be replaced and not refunded. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
* Lifetime discount only applies if you DO NOT cancel your subscription. If cancelation is applied, users will not receive the $99.00 discounted premium in future following subscriptions.
Tell me more about it!
Sure! Gather 50 people with the same school emails to register! Upon registration, pay $99 USD to secure your spot. As soon as your school reaches 50 committed users, we will grant premium access to everyone who has signed up! All users who have a school email are able to register and purchase the premium at the discounted price before the deadline. So spread the word, act fast, and become the next software engineer at your dream job!

Note: Your card will be charged upon registration but premium subscription will not start until 50 committed users has signed up.

What qualifies as a school email?
Our system has most emails with (.edu) verified, however, we are constantly working on adding more schools. If your school has not been verified yet, please submit a ticket in the help center so we can verify it! We’d love to bring LeetCode to your school.

What if my group doesn’t reach 50 people?
If your group registration does not reach 50 people then you will be refunded for the charge.

My friend doesn’t go to the same school as me, but he/she really wants to sign up with us.
All users who register must have the same school email, with that, they can totally just sign up!

What if my school reaches 50 people before deadline? What happens in the remaining days?
In the remaining days, any user from that specific school who registers will continue to get that discounted price. For Example: If your school reaches 50 people in 2 days, then every user who registers after, gets the premium for $99 till the end of the event.
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