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[Lenovo Canada] ThinkPad & IdeaPad - EPP Discounted

Nov 17, 2006
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JohnF100 wrote: Lenovo Flex 15'
256 ssd
8gb ram
i5 10 series
fhd ips 250 nits
backlit, touch, finger etc for $697 EPP price worth it? I feel like I've seen it much cheaper on here.
Man I would never buy a flex laptop again. Got the 14" ryzen model - after about 3 months of normal use battery life is down to about 1 hr for regular use (50% brightness, streaming youtube on chrome) and about 2-2.5 hrs with all the battery savings on. Coming from a surface book I don't think I'll ever buy another Lenovo flex.

Battery life was listed as "10 hours" - complete BS.
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Feb 12, 2010
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Looking forward to the new Ryzen 4x00U cpus in the Thinkpad line coming later this year.
Need a portable model, so planing to order a T14 or X13 with a 400/500 nits display.
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Aug 24, 2005
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Anyone else waiting for x1 carbon gen 8 to show up on the Lenovo site?

Would be nice to pick up discounted x1 carbon gen 7. No idea when it'll show up though.


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