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[Lenovo Canada] Thinkpad P1 Gen 2 - 60% off (clearance)

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  • Aug 25th, 2020 10:36 am
Sep 1, 2017
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[Lenovo Canada] Thinkpad P1 Gen 2 - 60% off (clearance)

In the IBM EPP portal.
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Sep 16, 2011
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I ordered blindly because it says %60 off and 4k web price, maybe you were in a rush but I guess you will post the specs?
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Nov 4, 2008
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Richmond Hill
Looks like EPP site pricing:
https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/ibmeppfrie ... 2WS2WPP102

  • if its anything like my x1 extreme g2, it can get loud, and battery life won't be fantastic (6h, give or take - i get 4h with the oled panel)
  • has two memory slots, and two m.2 ssd slots (rare features nowadays, even with thinkpads)
  • the T1000 gpu has fewer cores than the T2000 and 1650, and may be a smidge slower
  • some people are reporting missing keystrokes (I havent experienced this)
  • some people are having an issue where the screen brightness is maxed on hybrid graphics (I have this issue, workaround is to set to dedicated graphics in bios)
  • the carbon fiber lid is nice, if these models come with it
  • this uses a 135w charger; chargers with a lower wattage can work, but will either be slower on a light load, or won't be able to keep up with a heavy load (I've tested with a 65w)
  • you can also charge using a pd usb c charger; again, it'll be slower and it might throw a warning (can be ignored)
  • this is a warm deal for a workstation, can do better if you're looking for a gaming laptop

Unrelated thought: I'm excited for the rumored T15G - a thinkpad with a freakin' rtx2080

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Sep 7, 2002
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I had 4 thinkpads until I moved to a Tong Fang gaming laptop (Walmart Overpowered) last year and have no regrets. If you don't need 3-4 lbs weight, I would take the weight hit for much more power and a lower price. Especially any Ryzen 4000 series laptop. It'll destroy the 9750H in productivity and longevity.
Sep 1, 2017
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Thanks for the image include aeba7.

Personally I'm hoping for T14s AMD to get Thunderbolt. Maybe it will happen in 3 years ...