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[Lenovo Canada] Lenovo: Thinkpad X1 Carbon $1,036.62 (expired)

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  • Oct 25th, 2012 1:42 pm
Feb 9, 2007
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rmanocha wrote: Re: 3G connectivity

I'm unfortunately having the same issues with delivery. They also told me sep 24th - but I doubt it will come.

My question about the contract free 3G connectivity.
- It comes with a erricson H5321gw modem. Will that be locked onto a particular company? There is discussion on the lenovo discussion board the american x1's delivered with this modem are locked to ATT. Anyone who has gotten their X1 yet - do you know if it is locked or completely unlocked?

A friend tested working OK with Rogers, unfortunately there is NO provider can give me pay as you go style in Canada, at least I have to pay monthly, I only need it occasionally.
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Nov 15, 2011
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Saint John
I cancelled mine a few days ago. I was tired of waiting and unimpressed with the complete lack of communication on Lenovo's part. The rep told me that it might not cancel in time because it had to be sent to the warehouse (or something), but it seems to have cancelled no problem. Decided to hang on to my old T60 for a while and bought a Nexus 7, which for 1/5 of the price does most of what I wanted the Carbon to do.
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Apr 30, 2003
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manicdvln wrote: Hmmm changing the word of a machine but has same purpose doesn't help your non existent argument.

Ms surface also has an i5 CPU and 128gb ssd, it also has a keyboard.

The difference is this is made out of carbon while surface will have touch ability, lighter and will be much cheaper for relatively same hardware. Also comes with windows 8 pro to boot.

I'll wait until fall when surface is launched, by that time I am pretty sure the price of this 1.99lbs wannabe "ultra book" gets its price slashed to something more reasonable.
Well, I hope you're right... Didn't know the MS Surface had such powerful components also, and just thought it was a Tegra 3 chip or something.
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Mar 19, 2003
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Anyone notice that there is quite a bit of "screen flex" on the X1 Carbon lid? I am forced to open/close the lid holding the middle. Even adjusting the screen using the right corner make me cringe on how much flex there is. The Macbook Air lids are rock solid in comparison.
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Dec 18, 2004
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Mine departed Winnipeg last night (am getting it shipped to Thunder Bay). Finally!

I did get 10% off my order ($147.74) from Lenovo for the delay and am getting back another $106 from eBates. Woo hoo!
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Nov 18, 2006
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History: I got my X1 2 weeks ago, had ordered it in Aug. They going to credit me 95$ for delay.

Update: I just got a package today, Lenovo gave me a free laptop messenger bag and a free wireless mouse but no Ethernet Dongle yet, I am guessing that is being shipped separately than this "customer care" package.

Anyone else have any updates?


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