Lexus Wear Pass - Pot Hole on Highway

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Lexus Wear Pass - Pot Hole on Highway

Hi All,

I drive a Lexus-leased vehicle equipped with Lexus Wear Pass for excess wear and tear protection.

I hit a pot hole yesterday on Highway 404 and noticed the rim bent... the damage isn't extensive but it can be seen close-up.

Will the Lexus Wear Pass cover/negate damages to a bent rim like hitting a pot hole accidentally? Just curious if this is covered when I return the vehicle back to the dealership.

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Wheels and tires insurance is for replacing your rims and tires in case of flat tires, bented rims.

The lease protection plan is to cover small damage on the car including the rims. In my opinion, it does cover if the bent is not so bad.

Your is call wear protection, I m not so sure about this if will only allow you to return the car will bald tires. Check your lease documents, your papers should tell you what it cover in your plan.
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