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[Real Canadian Superstore] LG 55LF6000 at RCSS for $599

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  • Jun 26th, 2016 2:01 pm
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Jan 6, 2006
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[Real Canadian Superstore] LG 55LF6000 at RCSS for $599

Warm deal for a non-smart (does that make it stupid) 55" 1080P tv. Bought it yesterday during tax free event and got a box of glass bowls to donate to Sally Ann as well.

Basic TV with good viewing angle, I'll wait a few years on an UHD tv, not enough content to justify price premium. The wide colour gamut seems to be the most important UHD upgrade (seems like vivid setting to my untrained eye in showrooms) but isn't found on TVs in my price range/size. Out of the box it doesn't have the soap opera effect from motion smoothing and isn't jittery. Family primarily watches netflix and sports. Sound isn't an issue as we run through a receiver. Our other tvs are older Samsung 720p plasmas, the picture quality of our plasmas still holds up well compared to most LCD/LED tvs I've seen.

Brand snobbery perhaps but couldn't bite on the cheap RCA/Westinghouse deals.