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Lg tv Oled Seems possessed after repAir man came

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  • Oct 17th, 2020 6:52 pm
Feb 6, 2019
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Lg tv Oled Seems possessed after repAir man came

Oh wow. You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it. Bought a 55 oled from costco. Bought a 5 year extended wArranty. About a week ago the tv screen started going black while watching shows for a few seconds. It also started making popping Sounds. Call concierge services through extended warranty program and 2 days later, guy comes out. He replaces the board in the back and then basically goes to leave. I said are you not going to wait and make sure everything is working. He says it looks fine and then i ask what about a work order. He wouldnt give me one. He was in a hurry to go.
He leaves and then the tv goes to hell. It turned off went black. You could hear sound. Thats it. Then it went on. Then it froze. Then it unfroze. Then the tv part worked but the apps wouldn't. It would kick you out then freeze. It started talking in high speed and kicked it over to the set up process. We had no control. We brought electronically inclined people to help. They had no clue. Remotes stopped working. Then they worked. The good news? No more popping.
The popping is now in my head from waiting for the supervisor to call us back and hopefully replace this demonized robot. Id love to post a video to scare everybody as what its doing is like a horror movie but seems you cant on here.
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Jan 27, 2002
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You need to return and exchange for a different brand. You need to demand it. In all my years, I cannot think of one LG product that was reliable.
I had this non functional Sony given to me. intermittent power, sometime the remote worked, sometimes not, sometimes a display, sometimes none. It turned out to be a bad cap leading to the light sensor. This board also had the IR receiver. If the main board detected a drop in voltage to that board, it would just turn off. The cheapest solution was to remove that board and although the TV functioned, I lost remote capability (which is fine because its mainly used for streaming).

That bad cap is less than a 20 cent part.

Im sure LG uses even cheaper parts.
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I’ve had the opposite experience. I have LG washer/dryer that are 9 years old and used 3x a week, 2 LG OLED tv (4 years old and 3 years old) and a pair of monitors. All of those have given me zero issues.

Samsung on the other hand...