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Like Renewal of Marriage Vows...'I...WAS...New here'

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Jun 3, 2005
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PunkeyDoodles Corner…

Like Renewal of Marriage Vows...'I...WAS...New here'

If not allowed, can delete.

I figure, in jest, just like renewing your marriage vows after 10/20/25years, why not get to renew your RFD Introductions after a similar amount of time?

I missed my 10yr & just short of my 15yr, but I feel like I wanna do it anyway,

Hi, was new here back in 2005. lol. When our cellular monthly data use hovered just under 20mb/month...MEGA!!!!!! When people still knew what blockbuster was & when Staples had a 150% PM policy.

Thanks for having me :)
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