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Liners for Raised Garden Beds

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Liners for Raised Garden Beds

Hi, I recently built a raised garden bed out of cedar wood that will be sitting on concrete. I have done some research online and I'm getting contradicting information on whether I need liners for the box or not.

I was thinking something like pond liners to prevent the soil from having direct contact with the cedar wood and then drill a few holes at the bottom for the water to drain.

Any feedback much appreciated on whether I need the liners or not, thanks.
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Built out of cedar …
Any sort of planter ..
Container, Raised, Trug etc
Is gonna last a long time

I would only consider a lining if you intend to stain / treat the cedar
So as to formulate a prevention against chemical leaching

Otherwise lining is probably gonna do more harm than good
Cuz anything non breathable **
Is going to trap moisture

That can definitely create issues.
* Soil too wet during growing season
* Retains water … that can play havoc during off season … as far as freezing & thawing (damage the container, bed etc )

Personally we don’t line our raised beds
And have only lined a few containers that are on our deck … cuz we wanted to stain them to match

** Our Trugs came with fabric liners
They breath, so have never caused any problems
They serve to hold the soil in place in a slat constructed trug
https://www.vegtrug.com/range/vegtrug-a ... ent-liner/


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