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Aug 21, 2010
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does anyone have any experience dealing with this company? http://www.liquidation.com/
prices seem too good to be true.

I wanted to buy some stuff from them but the shipping is ridiculous, minimum $100 . They also state that there is a $150 ducumentation fee as well. add an extra $250 to get an item to your door seems like gouging to me.

Is this site just a scam or what?

I was thinking of sending it to Buffalo and picking it up myself. has anyone done something like this before and could provide some advice on how to go about doing this?
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Aug 21, 2010
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I've done some more research on this company and it seems like none of the customers are happy. In every review I read about this site the customers are complaining about about poor service and feeling like they were ripped off. I will be avoiding this site like the plague and would advise anyone reading this to do the same.

All you need to do is google liquidation.com fraud and you'll see the huge amount of people that have been taken for a ride by them. I was just about to start bidding on stuff when I read about all the horror stories people have gone through with them.

here's a quote from one DI1eye's posting on this complaints site Liquidation.com Complaints - FRAUD/SCAM

"The big fraud going on on Liquidation.com is not what you guys complain of, but the fact that it seems liquidation.com is actively "Up-bidding" their own products and charging "Logistics" fee for "logistics" that they are not "explaining or providing"

On the first point, I spoke to a "disgruntled" ex employee of theirs- a fairly level headed guy but not someone I would drag before a jury due to his brashness, and he alleged that they actually have their own guys as well as the actual sellers bidding up the prices on these items, which is why they keep getting re listed. He said there was a recent scare within the company when they thought they were being investigated so they stopped doing that for a little bit, but as soon as they realized no one was bidding on items and they were selling in a free market for 75 - 99% off their reg price, loosing money for sellers and the company alike, the resorted back to doing that. So you will see an item get sold, and then re-listed 5, 10, sometimes even 40 times or more. Both the company and their sellers are being allowed to bid up the items, which is fraudulent. I once asked one of their customer service guys why a refrigerator I saw listed had sold 4 times prior to that auction, and even gave him the 4 different auction ID's showing the item's photo exactly the same, and now the item was yet again re-listed for a 5th time and got no real response. To me that is the biggest scam on the site. If you doubt me, check out their video game auctions for a week or two. You will immediately see this there as it is a popular item class. You will notice PS3 packages that get sold for allegedly $800 or more get re-listed every 2 weeks or sometimes a month later for $100 starting bid, even though they are "salvage" . I really don't buy the explanation that people are simply not paying for them. "

If anyone know of a different site that sells the same stuff , but is a trustworthy company please let me know. There must be SOME liquidation sites that are honest.
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Oct 22, 2007
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hamilton2010 wrote: If anyone know of a different site that sells the same stuff , but is a trustworthy company please let me know. There must be SOME liquidation sites that are honest.
That site looks like Ebay, just with bulk quantities, and a goofy PITA extended time bidding scheme.

What are you trying to buy?


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