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List of RFD credit card lists

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List of RFD credit card lists

Welcome to the official RFD list of credit card lists. If I have missed your list, please let me know and I will add it here. Note: This thread is not intended to be an "ask here for credit card recommendations" discussion thread. Please ask for card recommendations in a new thread. Your question will get much more exposure that way.

Abbreviations and acronyms used on RedFlagDeals for credit cards by @titaniumtux

Credit cards with $200+ welcome bonuses and good for churning by @jerryhung

Each bank's highest travel rewards card by @HermanH

Each bank's highest cash back card by @HermanH

Best credit cards for each Rewards/Loyalty program by @Wydrazor

Credit cards for foreign currency transactions by @Kiraly

USD and Cross-Border US Cards Available to Canadians by @titaniumtux

No annual fee cards that offer (free) auto rental CDW coverage by @Kiraly

No annual fee cards that offer (free) travel medical insurance by @HermanH

Cards with airport lounge access by @terracotta92

Cards with flight hassle insurance (flight/baggage delay, etc) by @Optimizer88

Credit Card travel insurance comparison by @efrant

Cards that offer base 'everything else' earn of more than 1% by @HermanH

Cards with grocery and gas accelerators by @titaniumtux

Good cards without high income requirements by @Poutinesauce

Cards with balance transfer promos by @terracotta92

Credit card combos by @titaniumtux

Cards with mobile device protection/insurance by @titaniumtux

Unsecured lines of credit packaged as credit cards by @titaniumtux

Issuers that feature automatic payment of the balance owing from your bank account (RFD community effort)

Inactivity period fees by issuer by @dimon222

Prepaid cards by @cahk

Honourable mention: Best and worst looking credit cards by @jacnel
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A thread of threads...

What would @ace604 think if he was still around...
Mar 30, 2006
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Your missing, "list of cards with the best cash advance for foreign currencies".
I think Visa Home Trust takes it but I'm not sure
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Mar 9, 2012
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This thread should be locked.
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How about best card to use for foreign ATM withdrawals?
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May 8, 2009
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Kiraly wrote: There's no summarized list there, it's just a discussion thread. My "list of lists" is not a list of credit card discussion threads, the credit card forum index page is already doing that.
@Kiraly I think @pkpower is referring to the thread in personal finance on using a debit card at foreign ATM's. Perhaps a worthy mention in OP or thread summary, but not a credit card thread.

@pkpower my list of low interest credit cards (also known as line of credit packaged as credit cards) is a good place to start to find better cards for cash advances at ATM's (link to thread in OP). Not all low interest cards are good for cash advances, but you'll find a better selection for cash advances there than elsewhere.
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May 8, 2009
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Kiraly wrote: Done, and thanks for that thread!

I think your acronym thread is deserving of its own sticky. Can you as a moderator do that or do you need an administrator for that?
Edit: thank you @Kiraly for the endorsement, got sticky Smiling Face With Sunglasses
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