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[Loblaws] Dupont & Christie store 6x591ml Gatorade $1.99

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  • Jan 27th, 2018 5:32 pm
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Feb 15, 2006
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[Loblaws] Dupont & Christie store 6x591ml Gatorade $1.99

Was just at this Loblaws store at Dupont & Christie. Behind the cashiers (after people pay) and by the outside windows (to the Dupont street) there`s a pile of those 6-pack Gatorade on clearance. Both orange and blue colors.

I took some blue ones (my favourite flavour) but at the cashier it scanned at $4.99. I pointed out the sign and the cashier went to look and then called the manager. The manager came and confirmed that`s the price. There may be 30 more packs when I left.

Oh, the expiry date was June or July of 2018 for the blue ones. I didn't check the orange ones.