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Looking to buy a small and cute computer that will last me a long time

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May 15, 2016
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Just checked the ship and it's over 600 on Ebay. Do you know how much it is when it first came out and the timeline for their release of novelty cases?
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May 9, 2006
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vivibaby wrote: I will consider your suggestions as I need two big hard drives raided for data backup. Have you seen them go on sale?

The ship looks really nice but is a bit expensive for me. Ebay shows over $600. Do you know how much it is when it first came out and when do they usually release novelty cases?

I'm looking to spend 1000-1500 and maybe up to 2000 if it's really really nice. I think I'll be happier in the low 1000 range with a really nice case.

Also considering this one here ... 6811139129

Not sure if the lights is worth an extra $70 but $130 is pretty good if the quality is decent and is functional. Case I would rank above average in terms of look.
Cases like the M1 and A4 are low run cases where the community really had a big impact in the design. There's also a large enough demand for them, that they sell out, so no they don't go on sale.... or at least not that I'm aware of. The only way I see the price dropping is both have gone through multiple iterations. So a previous version might be cheaper (assuming it's not sold out).

That's a beefy case. It's 38.5L in size. There are mid tower ATX cases which are smaller. To put it in perspective, 3 NCASE M1 cases or 5 DAN A4-SFX cases are smaller in size. If you're fine with that size, then I would get a decent mid tower case. It'll give you much more flexibility regarding parts and there are many more options. Something like a Fractal Design Meshify C, NZXT H500, or Phanteks Eclipse P300,

The 2 RGB fans are some of the better RGB fans on the market in that is has many individual addressable lights and has lots of customization. Also individually they are $45 each. But is it worth it? I dunno. I like my PC to light up, but even I got tired of all the animation effects. Also there are cheaper RGB fans out there.

I think the Lian-Li cruise ship wasn't much more than $600 at launch. Lian Li has had a few novelty cases like the one shaped like a spiraling seashell, a building (i think) and a train, but they haven't done anything crazy in the past 2 years. Lian Li went through a rebranding the past few years to be more of an elite case manufacturer... so I guess no more novelty cases.

If you want novelty PC cases, In Win is the company that you should keep your eyes on:

H-Tower: A case that open up by itself.

D-Frame: A case with a roll cage.

Tou 2.0: A case for people who love tempered glass. 9 glass panels.

Winbot: A spherical case that takes selfies.... because why not.

But in all seriousness In Win makes a lot of good cases. The In Win 901 would be a good option for you (if In Win ITX cases were more readily available). I got the Chopin (smallest In Win ITX case). It's a high quality and beautiful case, but not sold in Canada. I had to ship it from UK.
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Mar 25, 2003
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