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Looking for Cheap Motion Control/High Stability shoes to replace my Nike Equalons

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Jun 14, 2009
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Looking for Cheap Motion Control/High Stability shoes to replace my Nike Equalons

Guys/Serious Runners:

My 10 pair stock of Nike Equalons are about to run out (last produced 2014 I think). They've worked for me great, and I've ran in Nike Durhams then Equalons from the late 90's... Nike is crap for keeping on changing models (hence I stocked up), and now I'm on my last pair of Equalons. The most stable nike shoe now is the Structure, which, isnt as supportive as the Equalons PLUS the heel for the Structure 21 and 22 are too loose.

Question(s) --
a) any other suggestions for MC/Stability shoes that have a WIDE forefoot, narrow heel configuration? Asics Kayano/Gel 2000 are too tight on the forefoot, Saucony was too wide on everything (forefoot, midfoot, heel - i essentially use thorlo socks and theyre still loose lol), Brooks Beast is overkill for my feet/light frame (i weigh 130lbs), Brooks Addiction is also wide on both the forefoot and heel... Mizuno is too tight on my forefoot and I get dead toenails from them in the past... NB i havent bothered and am trying to find cheaper alternatives that I can buy a lot of since I know these companies keep changing models...

b) Where in Oakville/Burlington can I find "cheaper" running shoes? By this I mean, good running shoes retailing at a cheap price bec I am planning to buy in "Bulk" (Eg >5 pairs to stock)... National Sports is what I saw online. I've visited the Nike Outlet store in Burlington (hence I tried on the Structure 21/22 models already)...

c) If all else fails, do I try heel cup inserts? I've read about them though I dunno if this would work with constant running/training...

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Jul 29, 2006
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Back in the day, I ran a marathon in Nike Durhams and since have never been able to find the right shoe/orthotics combo to build up my mileage. Similar to you, I've got wide feet, almost ZERO arch and bunion issues. The best shoe that works for me right now is the Saucony Guide ISO. They been on the market for about 2 years now and if you aint fussy about the colours, you can get last year's colourways for about $50-70. needs more green lights.