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Looking for a Children Play Set Like This

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Aug 2, 2001
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If you are handy and have the time build it yourself. You can get kits that include the hardware ( ... r-33655052), you simply buy the wood. Additionally you could just buy the individual pieces (slide being the most expensive).

I have one of these kits (same as the CT one above just with monkey bars too), purchased because I needed to save time and just have it up in a day. It came on sale and we had the discounted gift cards, so was pretty cheap. But the wood included is also cheap. I think most of it was even 2x3 lumber, not even 2x4. If I had the time I would have built myself using 2x4 and 4x4 structure, and I would recommend that to anyone with time and basic skills.
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Mar 29, 2008
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Someone was just telling me they sold theirs like this on kijiji for $200. Buyers came, left money on porch, disassembled everything, packed up and left. No physical interaction at all. Asked (what have come to?) my wife If we should get rid of ours the same way and she said she didn’t want strangers in the yard. :rolleyes: Anyway, something to consider if you’re looking for cheapest option.
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Jan 11, 2004
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Totally fine
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Mar 31, 2008
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I built a basic swing set, with 4x4s. Surprisingly, it still adds up in price. Had to buy an 18 ich $50 auger drill bit, after crappy $15 broke from Lee Valley.

The swings itself for the child buckets are $80 each (2x). The hardware to hold the swing is about $70. Bought some additional swings for a total of $150 (so get better interchangeably). Fortunately have scrap 2x6 lying around. Bolts, the big ones are decently pricey, so that's probably another $90 in hardware (bolts, nuts, washers). 5 (4x4x8) is 85

Fortunately have a mitre saw already, and some clamps, as well as table saws.

So minimal spend on something that looks so basic is $385 ($400 for me including broken drill bit). If you don't' have tools, add that on top.

Then add in the additional swings brings it just above $550. Now it is way better quality than a basic metal dual swing set from a big box store, but I can see why these things are super pricey relative to how they look. i.e. swingset with club house and swing at $1500.

So the brackets below is $150. I spent nearly $140 on drill big and bolts so as a one time project, there wasn't much savings. Obviously the more I build, the bit is a sunk cost, but big carriage bolts are pricey and requiring time to cut the 4x4 at an angle so they're flush. However, reading the comments on the brackets, sizing is off too (actual 4x4, not 3.5 x 3.5) which adds complications.

So for anybody who hasn't much experience or tool set seeing the swing diagram thinking that looks easy, it's definitely alot more work. But value wise, it's good given how sturdy it is and how high it can go, as it feels like a real park playground. It's paid off dividends though for my 2 kids age 4 and 6 during this lockdown though. ... RydWU&th=1
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