Looking to get an iPhone 11 Pro Max

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  • Mar 22nd, 2020 3:43 pm
Jun 16, 2006
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Looking to get an iPhone 11 Pro Max

Hi guys,
Interested to get an iPhone 11 Pro Max - financed through a cell service provider.

Currently I am using prepaid - $25/1GB + Unltd Talk/Text (Public Mobile) + $40/4GB + Unltd Talk/Text (Chatr) for personal & business respectively. Ideally want to convert the personal (Public Mobile) line to a postpaid monthly plan and include the iPhone on installment/tab.

Which provider would be the "cheapest" one in terms of total cost (upfront + phone installment + service package) over the 2 year/3 year contract? I have not used Bell/Rogers/Telus in the past 5-6 years - so a winback offer is not applicable for me.

Looking forward to your suggestions..