Looking for a good solid laptop

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Mar 2, 2011
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Looking for a good solid laptop

Hey guys, so ive been looking around recently for a laptop and hoping someone can help me find something for my price range and the things im looking for in a laptop.
Must haves:
Windows OS
17 inch screen
some sort of an SSD (the bigger the better) in addition to the regular HD (would prefer 1 TB at least)
12GB of RAM or more
i7 (again the faster the better)
backlit keyboard would be nice

Not so much in need of:
can be an average graphics card

Now price range wise, I mean as close to $1000 would be nice. Oh also a Dell would be a big plus, both my previous laptops have been Dell's (current one in Inspiron 5720 17R) and theyve been rock solid without much issues.
Any help would be appreciated.
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