Looking for ISP that offers 150Mbps+ service in Victoria Hills area of Kitchener, Ontario, Home Phone would be a bonus

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Apr 26, 2019
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Looking for ISP that offers 150Mbps+ service in Victoria Hills area of Kitchener, Ontario, Home Phone would be a bonus

TL;DR, Recommendations/Options for cheap Internet+Home Phone?

Currently with Rogers, will be paying $84.99+HST for Ignite 150U & from what I can see, home phone is/will still be $23.41+HST with the standard long distance plan so $108.40+HST=$122.49/month for Internet & Home Phone, I was wondering if someone can recommend someone that offers the same or better for less, maximum of $100/month after HST/HST Included ($88.49 before taxes)?

So far looking around & browsing Here's the best prices I found in budget:

Coextro $39.95/month promo for 1st 3 months ($59.95/month after) & Altima currently got a promo for $59.99/month (Regular $80/month)

Faster for less than current ($84.99/month):

Velcom: 300 down/20 up for $79.95/month

EBOX: 500 down/20 up for $79.99/month

Start: 250 down/20 up for $70/month

Lightspeed: 300 down/15 up for $69.95/month, 600 down/20 up for $79.95/month

Coextro: 300 down/20 up for $54.95 /month for 1st 3 months, $74.95/month after

Cik: 300 down/20 up for $79.99/month 1st 24 months, $89.99/month after

WRS: 300 Down/20 Up for $79.95

Altima: Promo on 300 down/20 up, $69.99/month (Regular $90/month)

Home Phone (at least Canada Wide Long Distance):

Auracom: Unlimited North America Home Phone for $9.95/month

TNEXT: Digital Canada Wide Home Phone for $9.95/month

Cik: $9.99/month Unlimited Canada

Altima: Digital Canada Wide Home Phone for $10/month

Bundles (Same company) for less than $88.49):

Altima: No bundles listed, but $60-70/month Internet+$10/month Home Phone=$70-80/month for Internet+Home Phone

Coextro: Unlimited Canada Wide Home Phone would be $19.99/month, so maybe 300 down/20 up for 3 months at $54.95/month for 3 months+$19.99/month for phone=$74.94/month, then when the 3 months is up downgrade to 150 Down/15 Up at $59.95/month for $79.94/month

Overall with what I've found, i'm leaning towards Altima depending on length of Promo prices, $79.99/month for 300 down/20 up & Digital Canada Wide Home Phone, Coextro may be my 2nd option

altima-ymmv-altima-home-internet-down-5 ... #p32799883 ... le&prov=ON
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Apr 26, 2019
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My post on a Local Subreddit: ... ervice_in/
Had 2 replys so far:
"Teksavvy 150/15 unlimited transfer for $67.95/mo Basic home phone $9.95/mo"
"Try contacting Worldline. I've been using them for years; their prices and services are great. Their website used to show the prices for the Home Phone + Internet bundles so I'm not sure why it was removed since they still offer it."

Edit: Teksavvy is $67.95/month for 150/15, & while Basic Home Phone is $9.95/month, it's $0.029/minute for Long Distance with Unlimited Local along with Port Your Phone Number, Caller ID, Basic 911, Call Forwarding & Call Rejection, $5 extra ($14.95/month) includes 100 LD Minutes along with adding Do Not Disturb, Three-Way Calling, Call Transfer, SimRing, Advanced Voicemail, Caller ID Block, Visual Call Waiting & TekTalk Portal, $8 Extra from that ($22.95/month) for Unlimited LD, so $67.95+$14.95=$82.90/month or $90.90/month for Unlimited LD

As for Worldline, 150/15 would be $74.95/month, Unlimited Long Distance starts at $3.95/month for Canada Wide, so $74.95+$3.95=$78.90/month, however I think that $3.95/month for LD don't include phone service, they have Basic Digital Home Phone for $9.95 that includes 200 Canada LD minutes then unlimited Canada LD for $14.95, so say $74.95+$9.95=$84.90/month, bumping up to 250/20 for internet would bump it out of budget, $94.95/month so $94.95+$9.95=$104.90/month

Edit 2: another reply on reddit:
"I'm switching from Teksavvy to Carrytel... Not sure if they offer service in your area but I was speed testing my brother's connection at 150MB down in DTK."
I checked, 150/15 for $54.99+Unlimited Canada Home Phone for $4.99, so $59.98/month, also checking the promotions tab, they have a promo for new customers to get 150/15 for only $34.99/month, for that price it's possible to add TV, they have 66 channels (The Standard) discounted for $14.99 while 28 channels (The Basic) is $19.99/month., so TV+Internet+home phone for $14.99+$34.99+$4.99=$54.97/month