Looking for Moonlighting Programming Gigs...

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Aug 12, 2004
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Looking for Moonlighting Programming Gigs...

As my name suggests I'm a student, and I'm starving... okay maybe not starving, but I'm graduating in a semester and will have to pay off my student loan. I'm finishing off a joint degree in computer science and finance and have a lot of background in software development.

I'm currently working as a programmer/analyst for an oil & gas company here in Calgary. I do a lot of work in classic asp as well as with both VB.NET and C# code behind. In addition I have developed and maintain many Excel and Access VBA apps as well as a few VB6 apps. I also do work with SAP BW, Crystal Reports, Sharepoint, InfoPath, Brio, and a few other enterprise type apps which I probably won't be able to do for you due to the nature of the work.

I know what you're thinking, coming from working for an oil&gas firm I'm gonna be expecting a lot of $$. That's not the case. Since I value the flexibility of the work I can do for you, I will charge a lower premium. If you are interested, please PM me. I'm only taking 4 courses this semester so I have quite a bit of free time to work on any projects you may have.

Between school and work I have gained experience in various technologies, so if there's a particular language or framework you need the work to be done in, let me know and I'll give you an honest answer as to how much background I have in it.

My pay is negotiable and if you have lots of projects to do, I'd be interested in working out a bulk pricing type deal.