Looking for recommendation: Dog Agility training (Vaughan)

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  • Aug 1st, 2015 8:16 am
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Oct 27, 2004
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Looking for recommendation: Dog Agility training (Vaughan)

We recently inherited a 10 lb., 2-year-old Maltese/Pomeranian mix from my late Mother-in-law. This loving, energetic dog has become a great addition to our family, and has proven to be whip-smart -- she has picked up some basic commands very quickly -- and loves to run when I allow her off-leash.

I have enjoyed in the past watching the SuperDogs at the CNE, and I think our pooch would love the challenge of obstacle/agility training. I know I would certainly enjoy going through it with her! A quick search has revealed a number of locations offering obedience and agility training north of the city... any recommendations from RFDers who may have enrolled in a similar program?
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May 14, 2009
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Sorry can't help you out. Just posting to say if you ever find something local, please do post here :) I did a similar search and they're all too far to make it practical to enroll one of my dogs in though I think she'd love it.