Looking for Tips When Emailing Auto Dealership

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Jul 29, 2019
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Looking for Tips When Emailing Auto Dealership

Hello RFD!

I am looking for any tips when emailing dealers for quotes for leasing a new car as it is the first time doing such a thing. Obviously, I include information about the car and accessories/colour I want and the time I would want to get the car by.

Below is a few questions I have based on what I read online.
  • Should I CC the other dealers I am contacting?
  • If I do CC the other dealers, do I need to send out an email to each of those dealers? For example, I send out the first email to dealer Z1 and CC Z2, Z3 and Z4. Do I then send one to Z2 and CC Z1, Z3, and Z4? ... so on and so forth.
  • If I should not CC the other dealers, is a simple sentence in the email informing them that other dealers have been contacted or do I mention specifically which dealers?
  • Since I am leasing should I need to go to the bank to get info about car loans so I can mention I was pre-approved in the email or should I not bother as I think car loans are financing only?
  • Do I mention I know the invoice price?
Thank you for your help in trying to get a good deal on a lease! I appreciate your time.
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Mar 31, 2009
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Just did the "email bomb" thing (though I would not call it this way) buying a new Honda.
My note went to a list of 20 closest Honda Sales Managers I was able to gather very easily through dealerships pages.
Worked like charm.
It may not work as well if you are not located in the GTA where there are dozens of dealerships per common brand or for very unique or super hot new models (which I personally stay away from until second to third year of manufacturing run) but still worth a try.