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Lost cell phone - how to delete Google account

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Lost cell phone - how to delete Google account

I lost my Samsung Galaxy 8 phone. It was linked to a Google account through a gmail email id. Now I want to delete this gmail account so if anyone finds the phone, they won't be able to hack into my email. I logged into the gmail account through my laptop, but in order to delete the account, it tells me to go to the account on the cellphone and to delete it from there.

Is there another way to delete this gmail account as I no longer have the phone? Please help as the account info has my birthdate and location on it.
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You don't have to delete the full google account, you can revoke access for the phone.
Change password if you really want to.

If you had Find my Device setup on your phone, you can remotely lock device, sign out of google and factory erase

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Jan 13, 2014
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Also, if you had a PIN / Pattern lock, they won't be able to get in unless they figured it out (and the system locks you out for a while if you enter the pass code incorrectly too many times).

Definitely do what RFDQ1016 suggested though as well; by default Google's Find My Phone should have been enabled. Also, call your provider to have the phone blacklisted.
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Even if you don't have Find My Device setup on your phone (though I think it sets up by default on most now and you have to explicitly turn it off), you can go to your devices page through your google account, here:


Click on the device in question, and choose "sign out".
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