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Clearance on EpoxyShield Driveway Sealer Plus 3x at Winnipeg south/Queensbourgh $21.99

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  • Apr 13th, 2021 5:18 pm
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May 8, 2016
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[Lowe's] Clearance on EpoxyShield Driveway Sealer Plus 3x at Winnipeg south/Queensbourgh $21.99

Originally at $43.99. This is a lowest ever price. The previous one is $30 in 2017.

I am researching whether/how to seal a driveway and see this product is on clearance. I only see Winnipeg south and Queensbourgh Lowe’s have inventory so that it’s YMMV.

I know there is always a debate on merely cosmetic value or true protection from sealing a driveway every time bringing this issue up. I haven’t really convinced by either side yet. Any suggestions are welcomed. TIA

There are also 309 inventory shown on Stocktrack but i haven’t been able to figure out a way for free shipping. In-store pickup only.

EpoxyShield Driveway Sealer Plus 3x
Rain ready in 1 hour
Low VOC formula
Up to 3x better coverage than standard asphalt or coal tar
One coat application
Easy-mix formula
Low odor
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Oct 14, 2004
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Tagging for interest. I really need to clean the moss off my driveway this year and look into some sort of sealer that would help prevent it from returning.

Edit: This looks like it might go on black. I'm looking for something clearish that would go on exposed aggregate.
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Jul 11, 2018
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0 in stock for nearby stores :(
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Feb 20, 2008
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This is good stuff. Throw some fine sand in if you have an older, cracked drive.

Only thing to be wary about is whether this is stock from last year that may have frozen if improperly stored...
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Jan 25, 2008
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Thank you OP! This is a great deal. Ordered 4 buckets!
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Jul 6, 2007
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Hey this is great. Any recommendations on how to apply it on a 200 x 15 feet driveway? Do I need to prep it? Is there a sprayer as opposed to a roller ?
Thank you.
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